Meli Perez – Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer – Hi, Hello! My Name is Meli I’m a Personal Trainer with 5 years of experience.I got into personal training because I lost someone very close to me (mom) due to health complications.I know first hand how important it is to take care of your health so I help individuals become the best versions of themselves inside and out.I specialize in strength, weight loss, muscle building & overall health/wellness.My goal is to help you feel your best mentally & physically. I will strive to show you that anything is possible and help you get the results you want! Don’t think just lift, let’s get to work.

Hey all, I’m a tenured trainer of 12 years of professional fitness experience and 17 years of athletic practice. I’m detailed, structured, and science-based, so if you want to achieve results while also learning the why behind what you’re doing–I’m your guy.

I’ve worked with or studied under some of the world’s best in bodybuilding, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, movement, physical therapy, track & field, corrective exercise, high intensity interval & circuit training, cardiovascular training, rock climbing, sports-specific (football, track, tennis), functional training, and more.

But training isn’t just being fit. It’s being able to teach it, transfer it, motivate around it, and also take care of one’s clients professionally, like a business.

I don’t take a many clients, because I also run two other businesses, but if you’re autonomous, self-motivated, and will do what I instruct, it would be my pleasure to hop on a discovery call, learn your story, and provide you an informative quote.

949-246-9289. (leave a message or send a text, and I will return your call at soonest convenience)

Certified Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa, California

NASM-certified personal trainer helping people become the best version of themselves. As a kinesiology major, my coaching style is simple: educating my clients on how to safely adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle based on their personal fitness goals; whether you are trying lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, or rehabilitate an injury. My successes with my past and current clients lies on my customized programs that are tailored to meet the individualized needs of each client. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

Memory Lesaca – ACE Personal Trainer

Memory Lesaca has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. She was a D1 Athlete at Cal State Fullerton and received her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Her hard work ethic and passion for helping others in the gym started with personal and group training at a CrossFit gym. She began coaching and teaching classes in hopes to inspire as many people to live a healthier and stronger lifestyle.

With 10+ years experience working with women in the industry, pre- and post- natal training became a big focus. She has worked with women during and after pregnancy to ensure they maintain a healthy and safe environment for themselves and the baby. This has been her latest and most rewarding clientele to work with. She is eager to work with more women in fitness to help them become the best version of themselves!

Ryan King – Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa

Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa – Hello my name is Ryan , or RyRy , I am one of the specialists at Selfmade Costa Mesa in if you are looking to transform all aspects of your body rather if that’s in weight loss , weight gain , gaining muscle , flute transformations , gym independency and nutrition awareness. I have been in the fitness industry for more than 8 years also competed in men’s physique while almost going pro for 2 years. I also box and teach beginners boxing as well to help my clients learn to defend themselves and also for cardio training as well. It’s a great time and everyone always gets addicted to it. My extensive knowledge on weight training , cardiovascular training , and nutrition is the perfect recipe in which I can help every individual that I train personally that their program is unique and their individuality. If your use to have a trainer who just give you a workout in the gym and is done. I am not that trainer I stay in constant contact with my clients throughout the day to keep you accountable and making sure you are staying on diet and drinking your shakes and making great choices in the gym and outside. I also am great with the camera and spend parts of our sessions to film to and make great content for yourself to watch you progress . So you also get a great videographer to as well. with me you get you don’t just get a trainer you get a therapist , a life coach and a new best friend

Hi I go by “Stix” I have been a personal trainer for 8 years, I got in to personal training game cause I know first hand how hard it is it gain weight & real size hence the name “Stix”. I wanted to help people reach their fitness goal and help them learn that working out is a lifestyle change not just to look good for summer time. As i preach to my clients Rome wasn’t built over night, Day by day you must stayed locked in and day by day you must stay the course till you reached your fitness goals. I love motivating people and helping them realize anything is possible if given time and effort. I can show you the path to greatness but i can’t walk that path for you, but I will be there with you, each step you the way. Let’s BE GREAT, And Let That Dog Out The Gate! DOGSZN !

NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa, CA

In high school I started my passion in weight lifting and it eventually evolved into competing in the sport of bodybuilding. I was mentored by many recognized Olympian coaches and started my career as a personal trainer later down the road. I wanted to help people and transfer what I was taught through my battles of gaining muscle, losing fat and creating a powerful mindset to conquer everything above fitness.
My career started at Golds Gym Long Beach and became the number 1 ranked trainer in the nation. Created many transformations with long lasting relationships that I still have to this day.
10 years later I became an independent trainer with a name for myself and am having the privilege of working with celebrity clients. I’m now at a private facility I like to call home, aka Self Made Training Facility of Costa Mesa.

Monique Wren – Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer – Monique boasts over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry where she has coached both individuals and groups in small group classes to improve their muscle tone, flexibility amd cardio vascular endurance. She is a mom of three and has a passion for helping others achieve goals they never thought possible to attain. She thrives on the success of her clients both physically and mentally. She earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Maryland as well as diploma in marketing and business management, but her love for physical fitness and helping others spurred her on to become a certified personal trainer, afterwhich sje specialized in TRX suspension training and functional fitness. Her biggest goal is to help women overcome a fear of the weight room and building strength.

Age: 30
Background: I started training in my mid 20s when I was under 100 pounds. I was hooked as soon as I realized I had finally found a way to change my physique despite my genetics.

We finally live at a time where women are realizing that strength / resistance training and weightlifting does not make you “manly”, in fact building muscle creates really nice curves and hourglass figures. This is where I developed my passion for this lifestyle and industry.

You can have curves even if you were born without them and you can have a strong and toned body while still being feminine and lean.

I help my clients achieve their goals while learning how to build healthy habits that are manageable and sustainable with their everyday lifestyles. During this journey, it is not just the physical changes but the mental changes that are most life changing.

Deciding to take control of your physical and mental health is self-care. I remind my clients, this decision should never be momentary, it is a lifestyle change.

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