Nataliya Rozhok – Cold & Hot Therapy

Introducing FIRE & ICE, the latest addition to Orange County’s wellness scene. We are the ultimate destination for those seeking the latest in non-invasive cold and hot therapies to improve their overall health and well-being.

At FIRE & ICE, we are dedicated to providing our clients with top-of-the-line treatments that focus on injury prevention, athletic recovery, pain management, weight loss, anti-aging, and mental health. Our cutting-edge therapies are designed to provide immediate relief from aches and pains, boost metabolism, enhance skin health, and promote overall relaxation and wellness.

One of our signature therapies is Whole Body Cryotherapy, which involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period to stimulate healing and rejuvenation. Our state-of-the-art Cryo Chamber offers an immersive experience, with the option to customize temperature levels to suit individual preferences.

We also offer Infrared Sauna therapy, which uses light therapy to provide a range of benefits, including improved circulation, detoxification, and relaxation. Our saunas are equipped with the latest technology, including Chromotherapy, which uses different colored lights to stimulate different parts of the body.

At FIRE & ICE, we understand the importance of targeted massage therapy, which is why we offer Therabody massage treatments that are designed to target specific muscle groups and provide relief from chronic pain and discomfort. Our trained therapists use the latest Theragun technology to deliver targeted deep tissue massages that help improve circulation, increase range of motion, and reduce inflammation.

In addition to our range of cutting-edge therapies, we also offer personalized health coaching and nutritional counseling to help our clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

So why wait? Visit FIRE & ICE today and experience the benefits of our non-invasive cold and hot therapies for yourself. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

Hot and Cold Therapy can be found in Costa Mesa and the follow areas:

  1. Newport Beach, CA
  2. Huntington Beach, CA
  3. Fountain Valley, CA
  4. Irvine, CA
  5. Santa Ana, CA
  6. Tustin, CA
  7. Orange, CA
  8. Garden Grove, CA
  9. Westminster, CA
  10. Cypress, CA
  11. Anaheim, CA
  12. Fullerton, CA
  13. Buena Park, CA
  14. La Habra, CA
  15. Yorba Linda, CA

Bobby Tomlinson – NASM Certified Trainer

Bobby Tomlinson is a highly experienced trainer and coach with a decade of expertise in the fitness industry. As a dedicated professional, he has worked with a diverse range of clients who share a common goal of improving their physical well-being. Bobby’s clientele includes people from all walks of life, including those who wish to participate in bodybuilding competitions, individuals seeking to achieve the best shape of their lives, and others who are rehabbing from injuries.

Bobby’s commitment to the field of fitness is fueled by his personal experiences, including his battle with cancer and his passion for bodybuilding. He has a profound understanding of how exercise and nutrition can contribute to one’s overall well-being, and his expertise in this area is evident in the remarkable results achieved by his clients.

As a professional bodybuilder, Bobby is continually working towards achieving his goals. His unwavering dedication to fitness and nutrition serves as an inspiration to his clients, and his passion for teaching others is evident in his work. He takes pride in helping individuals to discover the right approach to achieve their desired fitness outcomes.

Bobby’s philosophy is rooted in his personal journey, and he understands the value of having someone to guide and mentor individuals in their fitness journey. He is committed to ensuring that his clients receive the guidance and support they need to achieve their fitness goals in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.

In conclusion, Bobby Tomlinson is a highly skilled and dedicated trainer and coach with a proven track record of helping people to achieve their fitness goals. His passion for teaching and his commitment to the field of fitness are reflected in the exceptional results achieved by his clients. If you’re looking for a skilled and experienced coach to guide you on your fitness journey, Bobby Tomlinson is the ideal choice.

Certified Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa, California

NASM-certified personal trainer helping people become the best version of themselves. As a kinesiology major, my coaching style is simple: educating my clients on how to safely adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle based on their personal fitness goals; whether you are trying lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, or rehabilitate an injury. My successes with my past and current clients lies on my customized programs that are tailored to meet the individualized needs of each client. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa, CA

In high school I started my passion in weight lifting and it eventually evolved into competing in the sport of bodybuilding. I was mentored by many recognized Olympian coaches and started my career as a personal trainer later down the road. I wanted to help people and transfer what I was taught through my battles of gaining muscle, losing fat and creating a powerful mindset to conquer everything above fitness.
My career started at Golds Gym Long Beach and became the number 1 ranked trainer in the nation. Created many transformations with long lasting relationships that I still have to this day.
10 years later I became an independent trainer with a name for myself and am having the privilege of working with celebrity clients. I’m now at a private facility I like to call home, aka Self Made Training Facility of Costa Mesa.

My name is Josh and I’m 35 years young 😉 I’ve been weight lifting for over 20 years and have gone through quite the fitness/life journey. In short, I was skinny growing up and was made fun of, but then grew into a man that no one would ever make fun of now. I now help others gain that same POWER with their body and mind. I’ve been sponsored, on a magazine cover, and have been in incredible shape that most won’t ever achieve….but then I lost it all. I was in a car accident that completely flipped my life upside down. I fractured my L5 in multiple places, severe lateral recess narrowing with likely impingement of my L5 nerve root, left sub particular disc extrusion, and a 7mm hole causing havoc on my nerves to name the main issues. I couldn’t walk for 2 months, had to learn had to walk with my left leg again, and then crutch everywhere for 6-7 more months. I lost myself for awhile during that time but all those challenges help me be a better man, coach, and father today. That accident was over 4 years ago and I would never change a thing. I can’t back squat or deadlift ever again, or lift as heavy as I want, but I’m alive and able to walk again and do what I love. Training others helps me get a piece of that life back by seeing others achieve things daily, weekly, and yearly that they never thought they could. Fitness is a platform you can use to reach people who may need that added strength outside the gym. Happy to help others make GAINZ in body and mind!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa, CA

My name is Rachael and I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with several years of experience. I help individuals build bigger, better, stronger, minds & bodies. Whether it’s your first day in the gym, you’ve hit a plateau, or you simply need someone to draw out a game plan and keep you accountable, I got you covered. Let’s unleash your inner athlete.

Hi my name is Craig Mahle, I’ve grown up around and within sports all my life, from an early age focusing on baseball, basketball and football and slowly grew out of them and found myself years later unhappy with the way I felt and looked.

It was then, 9 years ago when I decided to hire a personal trainer and get myself back. it was him that truly changed my life to what it is now. He always preached work ethic, discipline and to live your life on your terms and do something you love to do. I ended up training about 2 years with him lost about 30 lbs and then we decided to shift our efforts and train for a men’s physique show. In the process of that i was able to not only get in the best shape of my life but, also i was as strong as I’ve ever been mentally . It was from that moment on I found my passion in being able to help others in the way he helped me. I would find myself at the gym and people would ask me for tips on what to do, what I ate, what my training regiment was or how to do certain movements and I found it very fulfilling to be able to help others.

It’s been about 7 years since then and i continue to do what i love day in and day out, not only transforming peoples body but also their minds and making health and fitness a lifestyle.

I truly believe it starts from within and it transcends to all other aspects of your life “if you feel good , look good, do good”